About Us

Create Everlasting Moments

Cander is the best cash gift wedding registry to create memorable moments with your family and friends and easily send thank you notes. We are a fun and meaningful way to send and receive cash gift messages and capture video moments that you can cherish forever. Cash gifts have never been more significant. Our goal is to make the “greeting card” last a lifetime and create special moments between you and the people you love.

Cander was designed for couples to receive gift messages, record their reaction opening the gift message, easily send a thank you response and fuse together the sender and recipient’s messages to make a Cander moment. We bring people closer together through genuine interaction, positivity and giving. We hope Cander can create everlasting moments that you, your family and friends can look back on for years to come.

For press, business or general inquiries please email jpf@cander.com.